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Our 9 Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers to Them…

01. What type of guarantee do you offer?
  • We guarantee to be on time for all meetings.
  • We guarantee to talk in plain language.
  • We guarantee to produce an application that meets your functional specifications.
  • We guarantee that the application will meet the performance and reliability you require.
  • We guarantee to only provide consultants with the experience and knowledge that exceed your requirements.
  • We guarantee to follow our Project Management Charter.
  • We guarantee to keep you informed with the progress of your project and to be transparent and open with the way we solve your problem.
  • The Global Integration Industry Leading 30 DAY FULL REFUND Guarantee: At Global Integration we’re totally focused on providing you with systems and service to your absolute satisfaction.

    We’re so committed and confident that we offer an incredible money back guarantee: If we fail to meet your performance and functional specifications you can simply return the software within 3 months of completion for a FULL REFUND of all licence fees.

02. How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in this business since 1985. There is a great long list of large corporations that have come and gone during that time so you can be assured that being a responsive, privately own business ensures we will be around for several more decades.

03. How much will it cost to develop a new system and how long will it take?

This depends on many factors – like asking ‘How long will it take to build my new house?’ Complexity, budget, availability of all resources will all come into it.

This is all represented in the Project Plan which lists out all of the tasks, people and other resources on a timeline. Together with our ‘no hidden extras’ pricing agreement, you’ll be fully informed of the timeline and costs involved.

04. Why are your prices so low?

The tools and technology we use is our secret weapon. We offer excellent value for money because the tools we use allow us to develop breakthrough solutions in record time.

05. Do you have payment plans or other financing options?

Yes! We have several options available to you including:

  • Software as a Service “SaaS” – allows you to enjoy the full features of the software for a monthly subscription.
  • Financing: we can provide full financing from our business finance agent.
  • Progress payments: made at agreed stages of delivery.
06. What experience do you draw on to build large complex systems?

Our experience was based in the health industry where there is no room for mistakes. We have also built complex financial, gambling, and other systems. Your project is managed by our mature and highly experienced staff and you get the combined experience from all of us.

07. Is my data safe?

Absolutely! We use the best current technology for encryption and security so you can rest easy. Your entire database, or sections of it, can be encrypted and we can design your system with all of the requirements for securely storing credit card data and patient data in the health industry.

08. What happens if we need to change the design?

Firstly, we hope to uncover any potential changes during the initial design phase and make allowances for this up-front. If you do need to make changes after the project has started then we will always do our best to reuse as much as we can and keep the cost of changes to an absolute minimum.

09. What is InterSystems Ensemble® and why use an integrated solution?

InterSystems Ensemble® is a seamless platform for rapid connectivity and the development of new connectable applications. It includes the comprehensive range of technologies needed for any connectivity task, in a unified “single stack” architecture that provides ease-of-use and enables rapid project completion.

Ensemble users typically complete projects twice as fast compared to previous generations of integration products. The days of building stand-alone applications have long passed and no longer meet the demands of today’s businesses.

The solutions we build with InterSystems Ensemble® provide us with a competitive advantage by enabling our developers to rapidly create new “connectable” applications that can share data with your existing business applications.

The InterSystems Ensemble® product provides a complete technology suite in one package – database, integration engine, real-time analytics of both structured and unstructured data and a web application framework for desktop and mobile platforms.

I hope this was helpful in answering all your questions.

If you have any more questions that you’d like answered. Please feel free to contact my office. We’d be glad to help.

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