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“How to Improve Your Whole Business or Organisation with Custom Software Technology and Efficient System Integration for Increased Market Domination and Higher Profits”

How to Turn Your Idea into Reality.

Here’s what to do next to solve your IT problems in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

I hope the previous sections in this booklet have helped you gather the right information you need to properly choose the right Custom Software Developer for your business or organisation.

Our ability to solve the most complex data problems in your environment within hours or days instead of weeks or months, means you can start considering projects that normally would have never been possible for you.

As a result of this great advantage, I’ve decided to do something different this year, and turn the traditional system integration consulting model on its head.

At Global Integration, we’ve improved and refined our practices endlessly so our clients reap the best rewards and experience the most exceptional services.

We stand by everything we do, and all our work is backed by our 7 point quality guarantee.

The Global Integration 7 Point Guarantee:


When you partner with Global Integration, you’re covered from every important side of developing a highly proficient custom software system for your business. Here they are;

  • Time: We guarantee to be on time for all meetings.
  • PMC: We guarantee to follow our Project Management Charter.
  • Reliability: We guarantee that the application will meet the exact performance and reliability you need.
  • Functionality: We guarantee to produce an application that meets your specific functional requirements.
  • Consultancy: We guarantee you consultants with the right experience and knowledge that more than exceed your requirements.
  • Informed: We guarantee to always keep you informed with the progress of your project from beginning to end, and never leave you guessing.
  • Communication: We guarantee to communicate in plain language and be transparently open with the way we solve your problem.

The Global Integration IT Assessment:

For readers of this booklet, Global Integration is offering you an opportunity to ‘explore’ exactly how you can really make a huge difference in your business or organisation.

Imagine knowing first-hand just how effectively you can truly enhance your entire structure. From improving your business efficiency by integrating between the different systems in your network, to accessing a complete and total view of all your business data?

For a limited time only, you’ll be eligible to receive a complimentary ‘IT Integration Assessment’. This will allow you to discover how you can achieve the many benefits of a tailored system that’s unique to you.

The Global Integration ‘IT Integration Assessment’ is a highly valued review of your existing business needs that ascertains the most suited concept and solutions required to successfully achieve your desired outcome.

This is an excellent way to truly gauge how your business can prosper, in a ‘non-sales’ approach to find out exactly what’s best for your enterprise.

And… just for considering Global Integration as a possible Systems Integrator to amplify and excel your business, you’ll also receive a one year complimentary subscription to your choice of any of the below annual editions:

  • CIO Magazine (Valued $44)
  • Pulse + IT magazine (Valued $231)
  • Hospital & Aged Care magazine (Valued $77)
  • Management Today (Valued $80)

All you need to do to claim your Global Integration ‘IT Integration Assessment’ is call my office on 1800-468-478 right now or simply visit, and one of my friendly staff will assist you with everything you need to make it all happen.

Here’s what you need to do next…

Are you seeking a truly high performance software system that integrates your whole business, provides you with accurate and readily accessible data, and excels your entire operational function?

Then please read on >>>

PLUS! In the coming sections you’ll find out how to receive a complimentary ‘IT Integration Assessment’ – worth $1,440.

Alternatively, to claim your personalised high value assessment before finishing this pack, simply contact “Global Integration” right now by one of the following 3 options below:

  1. Call 1800-468-478 and speak to a friendly Global Integration staff member.
  2. Register your interest online at and one of our friendly staff will call you shortly.
  3. Send us an email to and we’ll respond to you by phone within 24 hours.