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“How to Improve Your Whole Business or Organisation with Custom Software Technology and Efficient System Integration for Increased Market Domination and Higher Profits”

Is a Custom-based Software System Ideal for You…?


Take this short quiz to find out if you qualify, and would most likely benefit from a software development and system integration company like Global Integration…

Simply mark each question as you go. Your first “instinctive response is usually the most correct.

1) Would your enterprise benefit enormously by having a more ‘on-time’, accurate, and synergistic system? YES NO
2) Are you unable to find ‘off-the-shelf’ products that will competently solve your unique requirements? YES NO
3) Do you want an unfair leading advantage over your competition? YES NO
4) Would a more effective integrated system increase the harmonious work flow in your organisation, creating more productivity and better results? YES NO
5) Are you concerned about a major system crash or possible cyber-invasion, and is it important for your business to be protected? YES NO
6) Do you have staff or personnel working in different departments that need to readily access either part of or a complete view of the most current data at hand that’s relevant to them? YES NO
7) Is your business growing? Would it be ideal to have an application in place that inter-connects to your existing
system without any technical interruptions, and also interoperates between your current and future system, creating predictability in future growth?
8) Would working with a reputable, time-tested company with exceptional results in the marketplace, that take your
business serious, and is intimately involved in your IT structure be a great fit for you?
9) With something as important as the entire software and integrated system of your organisation, would you like see exactly what you’ll be getting, paying for, and working with, rather than just relying on the word of a salesperson? YES NO
10) Do you seek a better overall ‘work flow’ in your organisation? YES NO

How did you go?

If you answered “No” to more than 3 questions, then respectfully, please do not read any further. This quiz was designed to eliminate you.

At Global Integration, we’ve found that we work best with prospects who answered “Yes” to more than 8 questions, and as a result, wish you the very best on your journey to a better, more accurate business structure through an improved and personalised software system.

And thanks for reading so far.

However, if you answered “Yes” to more than a total of 8 questions, then you’ll most likely benefit from a quality, individualised, and results guaranteed software system and integrated application by Global Integration.

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