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How Global Integration Became a Reputable, Market Leading, Custom Software Development Company…


So you know you’re dealing with, I’d like to take a few moments to introduce myself. My name is Colin Richardson, and I’m the founder and Managing Director of Global Integration Pty Ltd. I’d like to take a few short moments to introduce myself, and how Global Integration became the ‘total systems integration’ developer it is today.
Back in 1976, when I started my career as a biochemist at a large private hospital in Sydney, it was the beginning of the computerisation era in the healthcare industry. My job was to implement and support the newly introduced computer systems across the various departments.

As I became more intricately involved in modifying some of those systems to better suit and operate our requirements, I began to notice there was an underlying and overly problematic shortfall in the industry.

There were far too many issues, glitches, and system break-downs to be called ‘general maintenance’.

In addition, the general field at the time was ‘underserviced’, and to a higher degree, was really suffering from the lack of technology and inefficient systems that just weren’t capable of keeping up with the necessary demands of the organisation, or the general public.

Some hospitals were suffering downtime for two whole days because of failures, and other hospitals and medical clinics were suffering every week for two-hour periods to allow for system maintenance and other common error repairs.

Why was this happening?

Because they had isolated systems and databases that weren’t performing well and the different departments within the organisation aren’t able to talk to each other.

This is a major disadvantage to any type of organisation, and what makes matters worse, is most of the unique and individualised needs of these organisations are not solved with traditional technology.

In my opinion, or anyone’s language for that matter, this just wasn’t acceptable. There had to be a better way to keep enterprises, hospitals, and companies up and running with maximum efficiency.

This led me to a question that was a turning point in my life… “Could I effectively build systems that will eliminate the regular issues, to provide a smooth functional operation, and solve the innovative needs of a business to allow it to grow, succeed and prosper?”

This is where it all began…

Over the next two years, I worked diligently to design and create an integrated software system that would put an end to the ongoing trouble that was being faced in the industry.

It needed to be able to effortlessly connect into anything else the company already had, and also be relatable enough to extract data from all other databases in the organisation.

Gratefully so, I did just that, and sold my first licence to my employer, the Sydney Adventist Hospital, and the system worked like a finely tuned and freshly oil machine from day #1.

Shortly afterward I built and supplied the first Radiology Information System also for the Sydney Adventist Hospital, and it totally revolutionised the operation of the X-ray department with constant updates and improvements over more than 25 years.

After much success selling and implementing custom software systems to both private and public hospitals around Australia, I founded Global Integration.

To date, some of the major hospitals, brand corporations and organisations that we’ve helped expand into greater heights are;
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital adventist
  • Genea (previously Sydney IVF) – one of the premiere IVF centres genea
  • The Royal District Nursing Service of Melbourne rdns
  • Matilda International Hospital Laboratory Hong Kong matilda
  • TABCORP tabcorp
  • RAAF airforce

With many database systems of small to medium enterprises in conflict today, inhibiting greater achievements for their organisation, there’s more of a need for custom software and integration solutions than ever before, because populations are growing, putting more pressure and data requirements to serve their customer base and the broader community.

Currently, there are only a handful of specialists worldwide that are qualified to partner with one of the most trusted database platform vendors – InterSystems.

Thankfully, this qualification puts Global Integration at the highest level of expertise in the Australian marketplace, having two such people undertake the qualification in our company, (myself, and another expert employee of ours) being the only ones listed for the entire region.

This is your greatest advantage, and true leading edge towards a better and more productive operational system in your organisation.

This is your greatest advantage, and true leading edge towards a better and more productive operational system in your organisation.

In the rest of this pack, you’ll find valuable information that will help you overcome costly performance deficiencies and improve the entire functional system in your organisation. Please take a few more moments to read it now. I sure hope we can be the answer you’re looking for, just like we’ve been for so many other small to medium enterprises.

Also, in the coming sections, I invite you to take a short self-assessment quiz which will help you establish the right selection process before choosing an integration solution for you and your business.

Plus, you’ll find out how to claim a complimentary ‘IT Integration Assessment’ valued at $1,440.

Enjoy your reading. Please turn over to the next section now.



Colin Richardson
Director, Global Integration


Global Integration seeks to maintain and grow its preeminent position as the system integrator of choice for InterSystems Caché and Ensemble solutions to cost constrained, high transaction based organisations that cannot compromise on performance and demand 24/7/365 system availability with bullet-proof security.