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“How to Improve Your Whole Business or Organisation with Custom Software Technology and Efficient System Integration for Increased Market Domination and Higher Profits”

The 5 Common Misconceptions


The 5 Common Misconceptions of Developing a Tailored Software System for Your Business or Organisation…

What are some of the general misconceptions of hiring a third party software and systems integration developer… and what exactly do you need to know to attain a proper outcome?

Success starts with an idea, but is achieved through synergy.

The three most common challenges faced when developing custom software to precisely fit a business or organisation’s particular needs are time, budget, and product features.


A project is either;

  • Delayed beyond its estimated completion date, or…
  • Costs the client more to develop than the original quote, or…
  • Requires more features and modification than was initially proposed to effectively perform the desired result…

All of the above.

Before any type of project ever starts at Global Integration, we conduct a proper and thorough analysis of your exact needs, and ascertain exactly what you expect. We then consult with you on the probability of that outcome and any potential obstacles that may affect those expectations.

This is how we predictably control the triangle of harmony and maintain a great working relationship with you.

With that said, here are the…

The 5 most common misconceptions that could stop you from enjoying the rewards of a more functional and effective integrated system in your organisation.

1) “Creating a custom integration software that’s unique to our business is too expensive…”

On the outset, it may seem that way, especially if you’ve never obtained a proper quote before. However, in reality, you’ll be surprised just how affordable a complete custom-made software system that’s unique to you can really be.

Just like any wise investment you make, it’s always about ROI. Your IT assets right now are limited in their profit potential. What a Global Integration concept will do for your business is increase those current limits so they produce higher profits, less expenses, and create fewer glitches in your system.

Plus, with our elite pricing policy, if no value is created, no fees are charged.

It won’t cost you anything to discuss how we can improve the entire IT structure of your business, but it will cost you greatly not to.

2) “We only consider IBM, Microsoft, or Oracle because they are well-known names…”

Yes, these companies definitely are among some of the leaders in the field. And just like most big software companies, they generally offer popular “one solution fits all problems” type of framework.

Unfortunately however, if you need to scope outside their particular or existing framework, the costs tend to increase very quickly, which eventually incurs an expense that’s not only unexpected, but much higher than originally planned.

At Global Integration, with the use of the international giant InterSystems Rapid Development and Integration Tools, we can provide you with a customised proto-type solution quickly, and when you’re ready, rapidly deploy that prototype across your whole business for a faction of the cost.

That’s why we’ve priced our services extremely competitive, while offering a personal, transparent, and highly responsive service that isn’t currently being offered in the marketplace today.

That’s an advantage you can enjoy and benefit from, at no extra charge.

3) “Integration is only for ‘big businesses’…”

For small growing businesses, we’ve found that efficiency is one of the best ways to compete with larger competitors.

The reason is because if they didn’t compete with larger businesses, they wouldn’t be able to grow.

Integration can be the most effective and powerful method to expand in the fast paced and technology era that we’re currently in.

Integration allows you to become efficient, which helps you get more done with less effort, time, and cost.

While there might be a slightly higher minimum investment, we create efficiency gains which profitably exceed that cost.

4) “I can use ‘off the shelf’ software programs to integrate my whole business structure…”

Generic shelf products are not normally tailored to your specific needs.

Your uniqueness and individuality are what differentiates you from your competition, and it’s what will cause you to achieve more in the marketplace.

If you want to excel in your industry and develop a highly integrated system that propels your organisation to new heights, we’ll build you a customised application that gives you the edge you need.

5) “Ongoing support may not be available in the future…”

Global Integration is a qualified Systems Integration and Application partner for InterSystems’ Caché, Ensemble and HealthShare solutions, and use technology that’s been continuously developed since 1978.

InterSystems has been a leading rapid application development and integration software supplier providing extremely stable and highest performing database development tools to the most demanding market sector, HEALTHCARE, where lives depend on the system’s reliability 24/7/365.

InterSystems have now become the world leader in healthcare IT. The top 100 hospitals in the United States, including the uppermost 10, and 2 out of every 3 hospitals in the world today, use InterSystems technology for their clinical applications.

InterSystems has been measured by Gartner as the fifth largest database supplier in the world and recognised as the fastest growing database on the windows platform with an annual growth of 26% in a market segment that declined by 6% in the last year.

Renowned for its robustness, InterSystems has more than 4 million licensed users internationally, with its Worldwide Response Centre receiving a constant average number of support calls totalling less than 1,200 per month over the past 10years, while client licenses have quadrupled in number.

Those results are positively staggering, to say the least. When you partner with Global Integration, you’re also partnering with the world’s most respective and trusted database and system platform provider.

Are you seeking a truly high performance software system that integrates your whole business, provides you with accurate and readily accessible data, and excels your entire operational function?

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